Welcome to workfromhomeonpc.com. Where you CAN work from home on PC.

 I’m about to take you step-by-step through everything you will need to get started making money online. It is my deepest wish that you are very successful.

One thing I need for you to remember is that I will be showing you FREE ways to make money online. There are many ways that can cost hundreds, if not thousands in overhead every month. That’s not for us. Keep it free and easy is the idea here.

What will I be showing you?  I am about to show you how to set up FREE blogs, then make money from your free blog. It’s just that simple. Now, you might be saying, Scott, I am no writer, or any kind of a “blogger”.  It makes no difference. Your blog can be about ANYTHING! I mean it can even be about someone else’s blog. Your blog can be about your opinion on current events, your favorite hobby, things that happen to you, it can even be about movies that you’ve watched. It doesn’t matter. You’re about to make money on your opinion. And, you don’t even have to write as yourself, you can invent a pen name, and go from there. I personally use my real name, and my real life. But, that’s entirely up to you. And I’ll even show you where to get free blogging software that will write your blog for you, once you decide what you’re blog is about.

Okay, now you know what we’re doing. You know it’s easy. You don’t have to be a guru to do this; I will take you through it. Oh, and when your blog starts to make money, who says you have to stop at one blog? Let’s say you have one blog that makes $100.00 a week, (just a number, the amount is limitless). Great, now let’s repeat that process. Make a second blog the same way, $200.00 a week. Let’s say you start making a blog a week for eight weeks? Twenty weeks? A year? This is where it gets exciting because it’s up to you. Even if you put no effort into it, and it only makes a measly $10.00 a week, ten blogs brings in a total of $100.00 a week.  And, with the self-writing software, it’s easy money.

Alright, enough philosophy. Let’s make you some money!

One main thing to remember is that when it comes to any kind of internet marketing GOOGLE IS KING! They not only have the #1 search engine in the world used by more people than any other. They decide where your site is ranked on their search engine, and they even offer advertising on those sites. A sweet circle for Google. We will be using Google for most of what you learn here.

So, if you already have a Google account, great. If not go to Google and get one. It’s free. You can find where to get started creating your account on Google in the upper right hand corner of the basic Google start page. Google has started a Google+ program which you may, or may not want to sign up for.  It’s basically a way to connect in a social forum in the Google web program.  It is in no way necessary for you to make money.

Now, once you’ve established your account, make sure you’ve linked your email address to it.  You may even want to just get a Gmail, (Google mail), address for the sole purpose of keeping track of your business.

Now, go to blogger.com.   It’s time to begin your blog.  Blogger will use your  Google account so sign in when you get to blogger.com.  Follow the simple directions and create your new blog.  You want your title, and your address to be almost the same name. So, a blog called “Cathy’s Kitchen Corner” should be addressed at cathyskitchencorner.blogspot.com. Search engines like it when they see the same keyword more than once. It will help with recognition, and traffic.

To begin with you will need two or three posts before we begin to put advertising on your blog.  A post is basically a short story, and should stay in line with what your blog is about.  It also helps if you use words in your blog that are associated with the subject.  For example, if I’m blogging about fishing, I would use words like lure, reel, and bass.  Just words that are associated with your blog title.  Without getting too technical these things are called LSI keywords, and also will help with search engine recognition.  But don’t worry about that, as long as you use words associated with the subject matter you will do fine.

More than likely, you already have a paypal account.  Other than VISA, it is the most popular form of money exchange on the internet.  If you don’t have a paypal account, you will need to get one.  Any money you make from your blog will go to your paypal account.  So, if you have a checking account you will probably want to link it to your paypal account.  However, it is not necessary to do this.   Paypal can send you a paper check for a small fee.

The next site you need to go to is called Google Ad Sense.  Google Ad Sense will put advertisements on your blog.  Every time someone looks at one of your ads simply by clicking it, you make money.  You can determine the size, and to some extent, the look of the ads.  So, go there now and set up an account. Now, go to blogger, and under your blog overview, use the scroll down menu until you get to earnings.1


You can also use affiliate ads. Use the Google Affiliate ads “learn more” to get started. You will make a percentage of every sale from your ad!


And there it is. My blog with the Ad Sense ad below it. Every click I make money, and now you do too.  Here are some other blog sites.






These sites are all free.  If you do a search you will find many others.  Some have automated blogging services with ads.  These services will split the profits from the ads with you.  You don’t want that, you want ALL the money.

Now, Ad Sense was one way of you making money from your blogs.  However, there’s even more money in affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is advertising a product or ebook, and each time it sells from your blog, you make large profits.  In most cases 50%-75%.  The best place to do this is CLICKBANK.  So, go to clickbank and set up an account.  You will find the signup link at the very top of the page, next to the word home.  Now, once you’ve set up your account, go to the market place.  The market place is a section that shows vendors who have products available for you to sell from your blog.  There are many different categories from which to choose.  Go ahead and explore the market place.  Now, out of the many vendors, I prefer to choose a vendor which has a vendor spotlight.


The reason I prefer a vendor spotlight is because they will give you better banners and links.  When you signed up, you had an affiliate ID that you made yourself. Look through the vendor spotlight and see what that particular product is, and if you want to promote it on your blog.  If you do, click promote.  Now, what you’ll see is a signup page for that item.   So, if your name is Sally Johnson, perhaps you made your affiliate ID as sjohnson.  Place in that nickname, or ID.  And your tracking idea is for your personal reference so when you see an item sold you’ll know what that item was.  4

This will give you a link.  Anytime someone clicks this link it will take them to a promotional page for that item.  In other words, they do the selling for you.


Above you see two codes.  The one you may want to use is the bottom one.  This is HTML code and can be inserted into almost any blog by using the tab that you see when you’re writing your blog.



This will create the words “click here”, on your post, so that people can see it.  When people click that, it will take you to a splash page that will sell the product for you.  So for example, perhaps your blog is about a gluten-free lifestyle, and you are an affiliate for a gluten-free cookbook.   You would probably put something along the lines of “wow, I just found this gluten-free cookbook and it’s really great”.8

Now, click your HTML tab, and insert your code at the end of what you’ve clicked so far.



And that’s it.  Every time someone buys something you get 75% of the sale.  Clickbank pays every two weeks, they pay in paper check sent to your mailbox. 


     The second way to insert a link is to actually type the words “click here”, yourself, highlight it, then press the hyperlink button.  Now, enter the other code that you could have copied and pasted that clickbank gave you.  It was above the HTML code.  Copy and paste it when it asks what link you want.


12 13 11

Banners.  When you go to your vendor spotlight you will see banners in the affiliate tools.  These HTML codes work the same way as your link earlier.  But instead of the words “click here”, it will put an ad.  IMPORTANT.  YOU MUST INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE ID INTO THESES CODES!




And that’s it.  Every time someone buys something you get 75% of the sale.  Clickbank pays every two weeks, they pay in paper check sent to your mailbox. 

     The second way to insert a link is to actually type the words “click here”, yourself, highlight it, then press the hyperlink button.  Now, enter the other code that you could have copied and pasted that clickbank gave you.  It was above the HTML code.  Copy and paste it when it asks what link you want.

I typed this and highlighted it

10 thoughts on “Welcome to workfromhomeonpc.com. Where you CAN work from home on PC.
    • First, thanks for purchasing our program. I’m so happy you’re making money online. Second, no you sure don’t. They pay every two weeks by paper check sent right to your home,and Some accounts will pay straight to your pay pal acct. Please keep me updated on your progress, I’m excited to hear just how much you’re able to earn.

  1. Looking for a ligit online position at home. Disabled with diabetes but raising child by mysrlf and is rough. Need extra cash. I am allowed to make up to $1000/mo. I can type and am willing to learn how to post links, etc… Ty.

  2. ok, how do I know this is a legitimate website and that I will make any money? I don’t want to give a bank acct to pay the $4.99 to find out that its a scam and money is being filtered out of my acct.

    • Hi Sarah,
      First , thanks for checking out the site. And that is a great question. ALL purchases are thru Pay Pal. Pay pal is only permitting a ONE TIME purchase of $4.99. That’s it. No upsales, no memberships, No “BS”. One purchase, You get the program instantly after your payment. And as far as making money. That’s up to you. I will show you how to make money online. I will show you how to do it all for free. THOUSANDS of people make unlimited money everyday in just this manner.

  3. Hello,

    I’m pretty much in the same boat as Melissa. I’m a single, disabled mom. I read ur comment to her about the “FREE” link to start making money. Where can I find that link?

    • Tina,
      Thanks for visiting our site. That was a different program we were running. However due to your predicament, It would be my honor to help you out. I will Email you a free copy of that program. Thanks, and good luck!

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